Bulls Fazua Evation Pre-order 2019

Bulls have taken advantage of the new, super lightweight Fazua Evation drive system with a range of best-in-class e-MTBS and electric road bikes. justebikes.co.uk is proud to present the 2019 range for pre-order.

FAZUA was founded in 2013 in Munich, Germany. Since then they have followed their goal of revolutionizing the e-Bike market.

With the FAZUA Evation drive system, riders solely gain support when they need it the most. So whenever starting or when facing uphill passages or headwinds, the system smoothly supports the rider.

The unique, slim design and light weight of just 3,3 kg combines motor, battery and electronics in one drivepack. The drivepack can be added and removed with one click and allows a quick switch from a bike to a pedelec whenever you like.

For more details on any of these bikes, and information on the pre-order process, please call our team on 0208 960 9848 or email us.

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Showing all 8 results