Delivery & Cargo E-Bikes

Delivery & Cargo e-Bikes

There are obvious advantages in having a reliable e-bike system for delivery purposes – the extra support from the electric motor means that heavy loads can be transported with ease.

Electric delivery bikes are fast, inexpensive to buy, and cost almost nothing to run. They can increase your company’s brand value, and are a great way of encouraging your riders and the wider community towards air-pollution free transport.

There’s no requirement for crash helmet, insurance, driving license, vehicle registration or payment of road tax. Our delivery e-bikes can travel for 50 miles on a single charge that costs as little as 2p.

We stock a range of electric delivery and cargo bikes suited for every purpose. Our bikes are already being used in various industries ranging from delivering hot food, large groceries and catering deliveries, and heavy-duty central London courier logistics.

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Showing all 4 results