Our Story

This is no ordinary online store…there are several unique and important differences in the way we look after our customers.

Since starting out in this business thirteen years ago I have been able to observe what people want from an e-bike and expect from their supplier, what works, and what doesn’t, and have benefited enormously from the all the feedback customers have given over the years. Our long-held belief in placing the customer experience at the heart of our business has been carried forward into our online shop justebikes.co.uk. Justebikes is a family run business specialising in the supply and servicing of the world’s finest electric bikes.

My background is in transport engineering, specifically racing car and aircraft design, development and management. In 1998 I was lucky enough to be living and working in New Zealand, designing and building competition cars. A fantastic place to spend a year or so and a fantastic job, but there was one BIG problem – the firm I worked for was at the top of one of Auckland’s highest hills! After pedalling an old bone-shaker up that hill for a week or so I found myself in a scrap yard building an electric bike with a pair of Nissan truck cooling fan motors, a computer emergency backup battery (remember those?), and a bundle of wires. It worked; I could whiz up the hill in half the time and arrive fresh and invigorated from the ride, not exhausted, hot and sweaty.

Our Kiwi cousins loved it too – at traffic lights, windows would wind down with folk asking where they could buy one. Certain that Brits would also appreciate the benefits of electro-cycling, on my return to England in 2000 I began to research the electric bike market. Four years later, spurred on by fatherhood and a desire to help develop an affordable mass-market low emission transport solution, I set up in business to hire, sell and service a range of electric bikes. Over the last thirteen years we have carefully assembled a comprehensive collection of the finest e-bikes from around the world.

Currently we stock e-bikes from the big German brands HERCULES and BULLS, and high-quality bikes from COBOC Cycles We enjoy very strong relationships with our suppliers, sharing technical knowledge, experience, and crucially, feedback from our growing customer base.

These days on the local journeys I make near our home Suffolk I will often see someone whizzing past on one of our bikes. It’s very likely that this part of the country has a higher density of e-bikes per square mile than anywhere else in the UK; in our small town of Leiston quite literally the butcher, the baker and candle-stick-maker have invested in an electric bike and most importantly they USE them, to get to work, to shop, to do the school run, for fun.

With successive London Mayors actively supporting the uptake of e-bikes in the capital the same phenomena are beginning to take shape in London and other UK towns and cities. In October 2012 we launched our first London shop at 318 Portobello Road – it’s been a great success! We have now moved out and are currently looking for bigger premises – in the meantime you can visit us in London at our Islington HQ and workshop. In May 2015 we opened a third Justebikes store on Hinckley Road, Leicester, to serve our growing customer base in the Midlands.

We believe these are the first small waves of a sea-change in the UK, because overall, we’re behind the game – in continental Europe and the Far East e-bikes are already mainstream. Global sales of e-bikes for 2014 exceeded 34 million units and it’s the fastest growing sector of the cycle industry.

We’re a bit evangelical about e-bikes and want you to be too, to be so happy with your e-bike that you want to convert all your friends the benefits of electro-cycling and change the world! Time after time when I hear the expressions of surprise and pleasure from someone trying an e-bike for the first time or see their wide smiles as they cruise back to our showroom after their first test ride, I am re-convinced.

We’ve worked hard to transfer our knowledge and attention to detail to our website and hope you find it simple to navigate, informative, and helpful in your search for the perfect e-bike for you. If you have any questions or doubts – no matter how small – please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01728 830 817 (Suffolk) or 0208 960 9848 (London), or 0116 3666 980 (Midlands).

Our aim is to keep customers for life – not just for the day of purchase – so if you enjoy the convenience of online shopping but would prefer the level of personal service normally only available from local specialists, then look no further.




James FitzGerald